Orgone vs Monophonics, CBC, 05-02-14

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Jelly Bread, Brew HaHa, John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Sparks NV 02/13/15

 Jelly Bread took the stage as the crowd at the Brew HaHa settled in, bringing a Funk and Soul Groove all their own it wasn’t long before the dance floor was full of Happy Funksters. Dave Berry, laying his soulful groove on the crowd with his Fender Srat and Lap Steel it’s hard to look anywhere but at the stage. Held down by the rhythm section of Cliff Porter and Jeremy Hunt and with Cliff’s incredible vocals and smile along with Eric Matlock’s smokin’ keys, this band is a must see!

KC1A5573 KC1A5614 KC1A5630 KC1A5643 KC1A5660 KC1A5701 KC1A5742 KC1A5743 KC1A5772 KC1A5775 KC1A5783 KC1A5800 KC1A5806 KC1A5814 KC1A5819 KC1A5889 KC1A5899 KC1A5918 KC1A5922 KC1A5936